The Garage At Helium: Jeremiah Coughlan

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Fri, Nov 4, 2022
Sat, Nov 5, 2022

The Garage At Helium: Jeremiah Coughlan

Jeremiah Coughlan is a comedian who physically resembles what would happen if Chris Farley ate Bob Ross while his stage presence embodies some of the traits of those two. Coughlan is an imperfect mix of chaos and control. In what can seem paradoxical, Jeremiah carries a calm, and contented demeanor into his high energy and surprisingly athletic performances. Although he still hasn’t figured out how to complete a painting in 30-minutes.

With his candid, conversational brand of self-deprecating humor, Jeremiah has become a regular performer at Clubs all over the Northwest. In 2016 he performed as part of the Hudson Valley Comedy Festival in New York, and in 2017 he was invited to perform in The Idaho Laugh Festival in Boise, ID, The SF Sketchfest in San Francisco, CA, and the Crom Comedy Festival in Toronto, Ontario.

He has been invited to perform as part of AA and NA conventions and fund raisers all over the country. He is very grateful for his recently achieved 6 years of sobriety, and would be a great addition to any recovery based comedy program.