Open Mic at Helium

Open Mic Night Info

So you think you have what it takes to make people laugh? Helium holds its Open Mic Night on Tuesday nights at 8PM.

Due to time restraints and the number of comedians signing up each week, we cannot guarantee stage time. Open Mic Nights are open to both new talent and seasoned comics. Comics signing up should prepare at least 4 minutes of material.

Please check below to see if you've made next week's list.

Helium Open Mic lineup for 2/7/16

Hosted by Emily Hickner

1. Kelly Carbery

2. Tom Brown

3. James Fox

4. Gary Becker

5. Stephon Hightower - 6 Minutes

6. James Fox

7. Amanda Klotzbach

8. Victoria Pines

9. Kristi Harper

10. Spencer Tegtmeyer - 6 Minutes

11. Matthew Barnes

12. Cameron Harris

13. Keith Hughes

14. Shawn Banks

15. Jim “The Dad” Keith - 8 Minutes

16. Willie C.

17. Mike McGuire

18. Ken Warner

19. Ryan Dalton - 6 Minutes

20. Brian McDowell - 10 Minutes